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These Terms and Conditions govern the contractual relationship between the operators of dfiley.com and the users.


Terms (By registering, you acknowledge and agree to these terms).


  • Any adult or pornographic video material is prohibited and will lead to the cancellation of your account.
  • For Earnings, the file size must be at least 5KB.
  • Movies or any other copyrighted material are prohibited and will cause your account to be terminated.
  • Max paid downloads from the same IP address in the last 24 hours: 1.
  • Downloads produced from high-tier countries without a legitimate source will not be compensated, nor will files with profits that are removed on purpose. 

    If the following happens, we have the right to suspend your account without payment: 
  • Accounts that download files from dubious websites or sources, download IPs that act as proxies, or make excessively large downloads will all be banned. WE reserve the right to request your traffic source; if you are unable to provide a legitimate source, we may suspend your account without payment.
  • Downloads produced by users who have installed an ad blocker are not given credit.
    It is not permitted to create traffic via altered or automated hits.
    We retain the right, at any time and without prior warning, to change the reward programme or the payment date.
  • Bot downloads are monitored and validated during payment. If found, the account will be blocked.
  • Hotlinking of files and pictures is not permitted.
  • Any attempt to get money by deceptive or unethical means—such as spamming—will be immediately banned.
  • Accounts that rely only on money from referrals rather than revenue from downloads will not be compensated.
  • Only when 90% of the downloads are tallied. Proxy server downloads are not permitted by us.
  • The Dfiley General Terms and Conditions, Copyright Policy, and Privacy Policy must be accepted and followed by all affiliates.
  • 30 days after you submit a file, it will be deleted based on the kind of account, if there are no views or downloads. With live downloading, all other files will be stored. (Unless you want to remove them on your own).
  • Dfiley retains the right to confirm the source of your traffic anytime you seek payment in order to prevent fraudulent downloads and income.
    You cannot halt your traffic while the payment is being processed; instead, your traffic must be active (you must have frequent downloads from recent files) at the time of the payout request.
  • It is illegal to distribute or possess child pornography or other RP-related information online.
  • Dfiley retains the right, at any time and without prior notice, to modify and redefine our affiliate programme.

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